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Tag Team Tournament


Our Annual Tag Team Speaking Championship

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TTSC introduces students to public speaking by having contestants compete with a partner. Through several rounds of impromptu speaking, this event emphasizes collaboration and overcoming the fear of public speaking. Come compete with your trust partner-in-crime, and spend time between rounds networking with the judges and peers.

This was my first experience speaking in front of a real crowd in Spring 2018. When it came time to deliver my prepared speech, my heart was pounding so fast I thought I might die. It was electric. I owe that event for starting me on my Toastmasters journey
I was nervous going into my first public speaking competition but everyone was friendly and welcoming. I had a great experience and will definitely compete again
Although I did not get to join this event as a contestant, I was truly amazed by the creative and eloquent speeches. Will definitely participate in this event again in the future
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