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Public Speaking Championships

Janurary 2025

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PSC is RCT’s flagship event—it seeks to find Rotman’s best public speaker from a pool of incredible talent. By competing in prepared and impromptu speech rounds, students will have the chance to demonstrate their abilities in front of their peers and judges. Corporate sponsors can use this opportunity to advertise their brand on slides, handouts, and participate as speakers or judges.


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This was my first experience speaking in front of a real crowd. When it came time to deliver my prepared speech, my heart was pounding so fast I thought I might die. It was electric. I owe that event for starting me on my Toastmasters journey
Honestly? It was a crazy fun time. After a year with all these goofs, you can't help but smile to see how everyone has improved, and feel excited to pick up a mic and talk!
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Going into the competition, I could feel the stress and nervousness fill up inside me but the second I got on stage and saw the overwhelming support, I was motivated to do my best. What I actually said is a blur except the feeling I got of stepping out of my comfort zone.
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