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Toast Off

September 2023

RCT's Kickoff Informational Event

RCT’s Toast Off is held to welcome new members and to hear about what Toastmasters can offer them. The event features a speech from the President as well as a panel of upper-year students who share their own experiences about how RCT has contributed to their personal development and professional success while answering any questions you may have!

I was always scared to make impromptu speeches, but this made me realize that impromptu speeches can be fun too. Nothing is that scary anymore once you start laughing with the crowd
A great event to learn about RCT and how to join up! Also an opportunity to speak off-the-cuff to get comfortable and embarrassed fun people
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It was a really good way to get a glimpse of the club's culture—very open, very approachable, and altogether very positive
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