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Rotman Commerce Toastmasters

Who We Are


Providing the opportunity for Rotman Commerce students to come together

Practice public speaking! Grow as a leader and communicator! Make friends! Join the Toastmasters Community! Rotman Commerce Toastmasters hosts weekly meetings for members (any Rotman student may join) where we practice impromptu and prepared public speaking. It’s a social club where skills develop. We also host a variety of public speaking competitions where students can show off these skills and get comfortable in front of larger audiences.


Overcome your anxiety over public speaking. RCT provides a safe and welcoming environment to practice your skills



Learn to capture an audience and speak compellingly at our meetings



Looking to hone your speechcraft? We'll help you polish your abilities so that you may speak in a smooth and sophisticated manner


Our members meet weekly to practice varying elements of public speaking and leadership skills. These include a wide variety of group and solo work, involving discussions, themes, presentations, impromptu speaking, and workshops. This is the center of our community where we see the most growth in member skill sets and personal development. It is in this supportive community that future leaders are made, and our members grow into themselves.


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